Introducing new product: MagneCaps!

We are proud to introduce the newest addition to the Magnetack product family: MagneCaps!

MagneCaps are vinyl caps that slip snugly over your Coupling Magnets.  They are so easy to use.  Tack your base tack into the wall as normal, place your item over the top of your base tack, then Magnet your coupling magnet over the top of the item.  The MagneCap slips right over the Coupling Magnet and provides a nice color change to either stand out or blend in with your item below it.

MagneCaps come in packs of four and in black and white.  

Use the white MagneCaps to blend in with a white background or use the black MagneCaps to make a bold standout over a white background.  You choose!

Check out the pictures below for a quick view of the MagneCaps.  Click here to buy!



magnetic black art print hangers  white magnetic art print hangers






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