Society for Photographic Education Conference

Another successful SPENational Conference took place down in New Orleans!


Here is a description of the conference straight from SPE National's website:

2015 SPE National Conference

Atmospheres: Climate, Equity and Community in Photography

New Orleans, LA, March 12-15 @ HYATT REGENCY NEW ORLEANS

Featured Speakers: Chris Jordan, Hank Willis Thomas, Rebecca Solnit

As the world's most prolific and democratic visual medium, photography is all around us. It informs and persuades, delights and sometimes horrifies us. Photographs have always communicated the realities of the world, but have also been about helping the photographer communicate their personal interests about a place, a situation, or their fellow human beings. This conference will bring together ideas about the complex atmospheres of climate, equity, and community and will examine how photographers, teachers and students can examine, embrace, editorialize and understand them.


The Magnetack was proud to be part of this year's conference by donating several packs of Magnetacks to the silent auction.  All Magnetacks were bid on and won by some lucky Magnetackers!  Here is a great photo of the display.  We're looking forward to next year's conference and we plan to be involved in a larger capacity.


Special thanks goes out to Harris Fogel at University of the Arts in Philadelphia for sharing this photo with us!

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