Etsy Review of Magnetacks May 03 2015

For those of you out there who are not sure whether or not to use Magnetacks for your poster or photo hanging needs, we'd like to share this quick Etsy review for ya!  This customer ordered Magnetacks to hang photos:


"I bought a 12 pack to hang 3 posters and loved them so much I ordered another 12 pack for another 3 posters in a different room. Simple, clean, and effective.

Sure you can make some yourself, but these are very reasonably priced, nicely sourced and packaged, and show up at your door all ready for you to get your hang on.

Minor note: in some of the close up photos, I think the magnets look a little bit tarnished. I suspect that's just an artifact of the photography. The magnets I received were very clean and silvery, which is just what I was hoping for.

If I need to hang any more posters, I'll order more Magnetacks."


Great to hear!  To read this review on our Etsy page, click here!