A Story of Hanging Posters Without Damage December 27 2015

When trying to find a way to hang my posters inexpensively and without putting holes in them, I decided that sticky tack, tape, push pins, thumbtacks, and frames were not what I was going for. We all know that tape doesn't really work, and if it does work, it will end up destroying the wall along with the poster as it rips the corners off. I searched all over for the best way to hang posters and the best way to hang photos and ended up finding Magnetacks. Magnetacks were the easiest way to hang up my posters so I decided to hang up all my posters with Magnetacks. They don't damage my posters, they are so easy to use, and when I want to change out the poster, I can leave the Magnetacks in place in the wall. 


magnetic poster hangers