Magnetacks Poster and Photo Hangers

Magnetacks are poster hangers and photo hangers that use magnets to hold your posters and photos safely and securely on walls or bulletin boards without damaging your item!  

First: Tack the base magnet into the wall,
Second: Place your item over the base magnet,
Third: Magnet the coupling magnet over your item!

Magnetacks are the perfect hanging solution to hold all of your posters, photos, pictures and so much more!  Magnetacks use rare-earth magnets to hang and display your items safely and securely on a mounting surface.  The XL Magnetacks are designed for hanging posters and photos on walls.  The Classic Magnetacks are designed for hanging posters and photos on bulletin boards.  The Combo Pack of Magnetacks comes with both the XL and the Classic Magnetacks which gives you the freedom to hang some photos and posters on a wall while also being able to hang photos and other items on bulletin boards.  Whichever size of Magnetack you prefer, Magnetacks are the perfect and inexpensive alternative to framing.  Framing can get expensive and you can spend hundreds of dollars trying to hang a handful of photos.  Magnetacks are the best alternative!

Check out our MagneFAQ Page to see additional information.