Magnetack Poster Hanger and Photo Hanger

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The Magnetack magnetic pushpin wall hanger hangs your posters and photos safely without a frame. Magnetacks magnetic tack poster magnets are the best way to hang your artwork, posters, or photos with magnets. No more frames or damage. 


So simple to use!

  • Tack it - tack the magnetic tack wall hanger into the wall or bulletin board.
  • Place it - place your item over the magnetic tack wall hanger.
  • Magnet! - secure your item up using the poster magnets. 



Magnetacks are the best poster hanger if you want to hang posters and photos without frames and without damaging them!

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Uses strong poster magnets to hang posters and photos without damage.
  • Magnetacks come in two sizes: XL for Walls and Classic for Bulletin Boards. 
  • Safely hang 24" x 36" posters without frames with just four Magnetacks. Use more Magnetacks to hang larger posters.
  • Hang 8" x 10" photos and larger without frames on high quality photo paper with just two Magnetacks.
  • Will not damage your artwork, posters, or photos like regular pushpins or tape.
  • The magnetic wall hangers are reusable and movable over and over again.
  • Easily hang posters and photos without frames on drywall, bulletin boards, and other surfaces. 
  • Both the XL and the Classic Magnetack poster magnet holds approximately one pound. See our MagneFAQ Page for more information.
  • Minimalist and sleek design.
  • When you buy a pack of Magnetacks, you'll receive the magnetic pushpin tacks and equal number of coupling poster magnets.
  • Perfect for photo installations and galleries where low cost solutions are desired! 




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