Magnetack Magnetic Poster, Photo & Picture Hangers


Magnetack Poster Hangers, Picture Hangers & Photo Hangers!

Magnetacks are poster hangers, photo hangers and picture hangers that use very strong magnets to safely hang posters, photos and pictures without damaging them. Magnetacks sandwich your item between the two magnets making them the best way to hang posters and photos. Whether you are trying to hang large posters, unframed photos or even a cowhide, use Magnetacks!


Magnetacks are the perfect alternative to framing, tape and gooey adhesives.


How to Use a Magnetack:
Step 1: TACK the base tack into the wall.
Step 2: PLACE your item over the base tack.
Step 3: MAGNET the coupling magnet over your item!

XL Magnetacks Image


XL Magnetacks
XL Magnetacks have longer base tacks designed for use on walls.

Classic Magnetacks Image


Classic Magnetacks
Classic Magnetacks have shorter base tacks designed for use on walls.

Combo Magnetacks Image


Combo Magnetacks
Half of Each. Combo Packs contain both XL and Classic Magnetacks!